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Homeschool Adventure STEAM Curriculum: lessons rich in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

Reservations, paid in advance, are required. Limited space available.

For reservations contact: 1-800-637-7223, Direct Line: 256-721-7140, Email:

Through July 30, 2015 Also includes October 8, 2015, December 17, 2015, February 25, 2016.
July 30
October 08
December 17
February 25

This Homeschool Exclusive Ultimate Field Trip is designed with age-appropriate STEM curriculum. The adventure includes a guided tour of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, a Mars Meal, an IMAX® or digital movie, museum simulator experience and “Back to the Moon” STEM lab. Students discuss items required for life and how the resources for those things could be found on other solar system bodies.  Students test soil samples looking for resources and conditions that would allow for the creation and sustainment of a colony.  Includes discussion of finding metals, finding carbonate and pH investigation. $25 per person.

Through every week February 4, 2016
January 07
January 14
January 21
January 28
February 04

Getting into Shape with Geometry

An introduction to Euclidian geometry exploring various angles and proofs that geometry is fun! Students will mathematically describe shapes both 2D and 3D, graph lines with basic coordinates and explore basic geometry theorems and proofs.

Through every week March 31, 2016
March 03
March 10
March 17
March 24
March 31

History & Technology


Explore how space travel has evolved from testing rockets to sending man to live and work in space. Discover how space travel affects us in our everyday lives. Build and launch your own rocket, design a capsule for you and your crew and plan a landing on Mars!

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