Help Build a New Shuttle Training Aircraft Exhibit at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center® |

Help Build a New Shuttle Training Aircraft Exhibit at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center®

Your support helps create an interactive exhibit with STA NASA 945, one of only four NASA aircraft ever produced for use by astronauts to practice landing the space shuttle!

Thanks to more than 300 contributors, the U.S. Space & Rocket Center Foundation successfully raised $70,000 needed to land Shuttle Training Aircraft NASA 945 in Shuttle Park. Now our mission continues as we raise the remaining funds to fully complete the first phase of the exhibition. Our fundraising goal allows us to add a canopy to protect the STA from the elements, a landing for interior access by museum guests and Space Camp® or Aviation Challenge® Camp trainees, a replica of the White Sands/Shuttle Landing Facility runway the STAs used, as well as landscaping/storm drainage. Your support of our STA project helps preserve an essential part of the space shuttle era and creates an inspiring exhibit showcasing the intersection of aviation and space exploration. We also have exclusive STA-themed giveaways available to early donors… only while supplies last!

Thank you for your interest in the U.S. Space & Rocket Center and our mission of educating and inspiring the next generation of explorers, astronauts, aviators engineers, scientists and leaders. Please support Project STA with a tax-deductible contribution to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center Foundation today! (Tax I.D. # 63-1265839)  

THANK YOU to all our Indiegogo donors who are helping land the Shuttle Training Aircraft at the Center! If you would like your name removed from this list, please contact

John Ramsey
Ben Chandler
Nick Johnston
James Gamble
Lisa Bates
James Moore
Chris Ebdon
Elizabeth Hall
Erin White
Robert Pearlman
Gleneagles Family Medicine
Jerry Owens
Robert Lacey
Daniel Thompson
Diane O'Keefe
Chantel Minish
Margaret Stephens
Mike Marzano
Jeff Cotten
Sonya Embrey
Craig Fifer
Angela White
William Callaway
Brian Kirkland
Richard & Hilah Rozier
Bill Cartmell
Noel Munson
Douglas Ritson
Roger Frank
Darlene Perry-Smith
Bert Carson
Brian Matney
Lauren Bice
Jessica Carlton
Carrie Perdomo
Cindy Walton
Larkin Grant
Holly Ralston
William Landrum
Stacey Jenkins
Brooke Balch
Blake Parker x 2
Chris Heisel
Julie Brown
John Brock
Rebecca McWhirter
Julia Segawa
Kenny Mitchell
Charles Winters
Craig Sumner
Elliott Lee
Tim Hall
Joseph Kestner
Joseph Fitzwater
Gary K. Sweet
Alex McCool, Jr.
Roosevelt Lewis
Elizabeth Meckert
Douglas Childs
Nathan Powless
Dennis Goodwin
Clayton Kachele
Stacey Gathers
Julie Finely
Brenda Carr
Preston Hassler
Art Zemon
Judy Cornelius
Lauren Martinson
Michele Metsch
Binary Star Ltd.
Jerome Allison
Melinda Mason
Wayne Mors
Tony Zana
Ryan Brukardt
Keely Chow
Jennifer Crozier
Brian Malooley
Joseph Showalter
Michele Summers
Thomas Rudderow
Michael Cassidy
Sean Squire
Helena Roller
Jimbo Wood
Rob Daily
William and Joyce Humphries
Bennie Jacks
Jack Stokes
Edith Hobbs
Walter and Carol Mitchell
4site, Inc.
Linda Frembes
Jimmy Lin
Jim Scarborough
Liz Warren
Paul Gradl
James and Holly Vazzo
Benjamin Schwartz
Michelle Christensen
Karen Vincent
Melissa Neel
Lisa Campbell
Samantha Chesler
Nir Yungster
Bob Matcuk
Dustin Newton
Robert Herrera
J.C. Anderson
Cristy Brown
Tim Harper
Robert Hosler
Dave Hoyt
James Odom
Keith Starnes
Tina Palacios
Edward Likovich
Brandon Carlson
Thomas Anderson
Dale Goldstein
Marion Shelman
Jennifer Bush
Jill Resnick
Christian LeBlanc
Jeff Spock
Daniel Mendes
Kevin McGhaw
Matthew Daniels
Sean Fischbach
Dr. P. Dare
Donna McEntee
Allen Rock
Beth Gencel
Phillip Dingus
Brian Moazen
Jo Weddendorf
Patricia Ammons
Doug Williams
Weston Welker
Sarah Jones
Kathy Fisher
Craig Brower
Evelyn Sabino
Anna Ounoutha
Scott Tyack
Ray McKenzie
Trevor Guldstrand
Rodney Gaskin
Craig Cruzen
Jerry Thompson
James Hale
Abbie Cataldo
Carie Partain
Kathleen Cutting
Steven Sanders
Will and Lori Bradley
Rob Minor
Paul Robichaux
Samuel Times
Robert Palik
Daniel and Laura Cavender
Tammie Berzett
Tim Roanoke
Mikel Krochmal
Jay Sizemore
Lee Bishop
Allison Miller
Fred Karst
Karyn Rae
Bridget Heneghan
Franklin Grimberg
Anna Walek
Doug Knight
Pritesh Shah
David Emerson
Margaret Promer
The Ratnaswamy Family
Lonna Grosskopf
Dean and Lisette Clemons
Whitney Isbell
Steve Puckett
Andrew Rodriguez
Stephanie Williams and David White
Karen Poskozim
Conchata Ferrell and Arnie Anderson
Eric Paprotny
Cris Curtis
Brent Wong
Charles Anderson
Rachel Zabierek
Victoria Waterfield
Jacqueline Skelton
Hall Albright Garrison & Associates
Brad and Mollie Garland
Peggy Sammon
Michael Lipinski
Anthony Guillory
Andrea Tribo
Marlon Langford
Jeff and Ellie Lienau
Edward Van Cise
Maarten Wijnmaalen
Michael Hedrick
Elizabeth Schonrock
Lisa Wentzell
Elijah Grace
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